G & B International, Inc. (Green & Blue Group) is a company devoted to solving all of your logistics-based needs with an emphasis on security, trustworthiness, and personalized service. First established in 1995, G & B International, Inc. specialized in ocean/air cargo transportation and customs clearance. Since then, the services offered have grown to encompass all areas of logistics management including warehouse storage, cargo distribution and delivery. In addition, G & B provides clients desiring an edge in e-commerce with an ideal and convenient solution; namely, through the marketing, selling, and distribution of goods and services. Our company has combined all of these services successfully to become your one-stop logistics service center.

With customer-based management, G & B hopes to help you work towards a brighter future, while supplying you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive networking in order to maximize your competitiveness in the global market. We deliver efficient, transparent, and secure service and are constantly striving towards being a partner that presents our clients with a win-win situation every time.

We are especially working towards offering increasingly faster door-to-door service, VMI (Vendor Management Inventory), and SCM (Supply Chain Management) in order to be one step ahead of our competitors in today’s shifting logistics paradigm.

We at G & B International, Inc. promise to offer helpful, constructive, and supportive advice that has the customer’s benefit in mind, and will continue to strive towards logistical innovation and ambitious service.

Thank you.