Joint Overseas Distribution Center / KOTRA

As a designated Joint Overseas Distribution Center by KOTRA (Korean Trade Investment Promotion Agency), G & B International, Inc. accomplishes its role as a North American base for KOTRA and together participates in fostering the growth of promising small businesses in Korea.

Introduction (Source: KOTRA Website,   
  • Topic

KOTRA makes it possible for the development of overseas business; small and medium-sized businesses in local markets have the opportunity to utilize KOTRA as a vehicle for exporting local goods at minimal cost and optimizing business prospects.

  • Objective
– To actively deal in the changing of the world-wide trade environment
* In the past, most imported products were shipped periodically in large quantities from suppliers to vendors, of which 
  the vendors would then have to maintain inventories. 
  The shipper would directly be responsible for finding ways to transport goods to the buyer.
* Today, however, due to new technological advances and new logistics systems. there are more efficient ways of   logistics management and distribution. Wholesalers and retailers no longer have to keep track of large inventories.   Current trends are for suppliers to ship out smaller quantities based on a vendor-managed inventory system (VMI)   to the vendors on a timely basis. Common practices require local warehousing and distribution centers,   computerized universal data systems and intermodal transport services. Freight-forwarding or third-party-logistics   companies with distribution centers are needed to minimize operational costs and to maximize price   competitiveness.
– Aid from KOTRA as a governmental agency that can assist small and mid-sized businesses.
* KOTRA finds reliable local logistics service centers to fulfill local warehousing needs and ensure timely deliveries, reducing overall   transportation and inventory management costs.
  • Distribution Center Structure: 3PL

KOTRA finds capable and reliable 3PL (third-party-logistics) providers for outsourcing needs. A 3PL provider can ultimately cut logistics transportation costs by finding the most efficient and reliable way of local transport for goods in foreign markets all over the world.

  • Who Benefits from using Joint Overseas Distribution Center
KOTRA finds quality businesses that have already met the qualifications and requirements for export business in target markets such as North America. KOTRA supports these small and mid-sized businesses that have difficulty in reaching those target markets in a number of ways:
– Finds a 3PL to support local multi-modal transport at the most competitive price.
* 3PL will eliminate the need for unreliable, unknown, and expensive methods of transport.
* 3PL will consult the best combination of intermodal transport at minimal cost.
* 3PL can support VMI and warehousing needs for JIT (Just-In-Time) systems.
– Assists them financially for exporting costs.
– Supports exporting into competitive foreign markets.
– KOTRA benefits
* Quality small and mid-sized Korean companies with quality products.
* Foreign buyers by providing quality products from qualified Korean companies.
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